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  • If you already have 39 years of maximum CPP contributions and you are still working, but not collecting, did you know you are contributing in vain? You cannot get any more than the maximum. (In 2021 that max is $1203.75 for a 65-year-old)
  • The CPP credits you earn as a married person are actually "matrimonial property". In a divorce, either party can apply to have those credits split equally, however, in many cases this can result in a net loss to both individuals. Learn what you can do before you sign the divorce papers.
  • If you are married or have a common-law spouse then you can apply to share your CPP as a means to reduce your overall tax burden.
  • Not working for the last few years before you start taking CPP can actually cause your benefit to be reduced. This is applicable to people in their late 50's who have left the workforce or retired early. If Bob retired at age 57 with 36 years of maximum contributions, his ideal age to start his CPP would be 61.36. After that age, his benefit will start to decrease. (The math: 36/83% =43.37 + 18 = 61.37). A bigger piece of a smaller pie!
  • If you are over 60 and are off work due to a disability it is better to apply for a CPP disability pension than a regular CPP pension. 
  • Even a multi-millionaire can qualify for the GIS program. Many people do not understand the GIS program or how to apply for it. Many retired people are missing out on this tax-free benefit.
  • Many business owners are needlessly paying CPP contributions and they will not get a cent more from their contributions.
  • CPP is one of the best pension plans in the world, but few Canadians fully enjoy all of the benefits because they do not understand how it works.
  • Working several part-time jobs can actually negatively affect your pension in a huge way and most people do not even realize this until it's too late.
  • You will get your CPP benefit cheque no matter where you live in the world, during retirement, but this is not the case with OAS - it has some restrictions.
  • What is one year of maximum CPP contributions worth? At age 65 it will be worth about $352.75/year indexed for life or $225.76/year if you take it at age 60.
  • If a single person dies before age 70 without collecting their CPP - no one gets anything. Nada. There's one exception if a person dies after age 70 before starting their CPP, their estate representative can apply for 12 months worth of benefits paid to the estate.

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